Why does Bill Gates prefer “Android” to “iOS”?

Bill Gates

Why does Bill Gates prefer “Android” to “iOS”?

Android and iOS are two traditional competitors in the smartphone market, and each of these operating systems has its fans. Some like the open-source aspect of Android, while others like to stay in the enclosed but attractive iOS ecosystem. In the meantime, the opinions of celebrities and personalities about these two mobile platforms are more influential and can make the scales heavier in favor of each of them. In the most recent case, Bill Gates, the former founder and CEO of Microsoft, recently stated in an interview that he prefers the Android operating system to iOS. why?

In a recent interview with CNBC journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin and co-founder of the popular Clubhouse program, Bill Gates reaffirmed that he prefers Android to iOS. Gates mentioned in the interview that he likes the open-source nature of Android because it makes it so much more flexible than iOS.

He further said: “I use an Android phone. Of course, because I want to keep track of everything, I often work with the iPhone, but what I always have with me is an Android phone.”

However, one of the reasons Gates says he sometimes works with the iPhone is because he sometimes needs to use a special app that is only available on iOS. Take Clubhouse, for example, which is currently only available on iOS devices. In addition, Gates added that the default installation and integration of Microsoft applications in some Android phones would make him use these types of phones more.

Not so long ago, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs competed hard against each other, each wanting to gain more market share. Although Microsoft has made a significant breakthrough in software, Gates has always praised its competitor for their marketing strategies and revolutionary product ideas.

However, what is certain is that if Microsoft could design and launch a successful mobile operating system, Bill Gates would now use it instead of Android. As he failed last month in the mobile, market is one of the biggest regrets of his life.

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