WhatsApp Privacy Policy


WhatsApp Privacy Policy

It was in January that WhatsApp announced its new privacy policy terms and conditions, forcing its users to agree to them. The response was widespread, with people believing that WhatsApp would share their chat content with Facebook or something like that. This reaction was quite serious, but it seemed a bit strange and interesting because Facebook itself has a completely independent messenger and users have no particular worries about it!

However, WhatsApp users are very unhappy with the change in privacy policies and many have opted to switch to other messengers such as Telegram and Signal. This widespread reaction and the flood of migrating users caused WhatsApp to suspend the changes that were supposed to take effect on February 8 and postpone it until May 15.

However, the question that may arise for you is what will happen if the time expires and we do not agree with the new terms and conditions? Today, WhatsApp explained. According to the messenger, if you reject the new terms after May 15, you will still be able to receive calls and notifications for a few weeks, but you will not be able to send or read text messages.

WhatsApp did not specify what would happen if the changes were not approved after two weeks. However, this messaging is legal to delete unused user accounts (accounts that remain inactive for 120 days), and if you do not agree to the new changes, your account will probably be considered stagnant and will eventually be deleted.

Contrary to popular belief, WhatsApp has been sharing some of its data with Facebook for years. The only new addition to the messenger after the controversial update is the sharing of payment and transaction data to help Facebook improve its ads across different services. Since many WhatsApp transactions and payments are not made at all by many users, it does not seem to be a problem for them.

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