WhatsApp Dark Mode Activation Tutorial


WhatsApp Dark Mode Activation Tutorial:

Dark Mode has become one of the most popular features of apps these days. After the Instagram social network creators added Dark Mode mode to this popular application, it became the very popular WhatsApp messengers. With the release of the new update of the WhatsApp application, the dark team’s feature (black) or the dark mode has been activated in Android and iPhone (iOS).

It is effortless to use the Dark Mode and Stop function, and you only need to have the following items.
Android and iOS phone users must install the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger and log in. Note that you should be sure to back up your messages before installing the new WhatsApp update for more security.

After installing the new WhatsApp update, follow the steps below:

Enter the WhatsApp application and in the Settings section, enter the Chat section and click on the Theme option. If this section does not exist for you, it means that you have not installed the latest beta version of WhatsApp.
You can see the options and modes Light (Dark theme), Dark Mode and System default (device default) or Set by Battery Saver in the Theme section. It is on Light mode, and you can enable other methods.
Light Theme: The default mode and the Themes are light and the prominent WhatsApp. Default (device default): In this case, if your phone supports Dark Mode and you activate it, your Theme will change accordingly.Set by Battery Saver: This mode is only available in Android 9 (pie) and above, and depending on the gaming energy of your phone, it activates or deactivates the Dark Mode.
The dark mode works in all parts of the app, including the entire settings page, chat page, chat list page, and contact page. In the dark, the chat screen background will change to gray, and the colour of your conversation bubbles will be dark green for better readability.

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