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What is unlimited hosting? Is there unlimited hosting!?

When you plan to start an internet business and website, you need a hosting space for your website to upload your website to in order to ensure that it is always connected to the Internet and that it works properly. For this purpose, you must use the services provided by Hosting and there are different services that you can use.

In general, the competition in the hosting market is high and there are many different advertisements and slogans that can deceive you and not provide you with what is claimed. Unlimited hosting is one such thing. In this article, we will examine what unlimited hosting is and exactly why it is known by this name.

What is a host?

Regarding the definition of hosting, we can briefly and usefully say that it is a space to store your site files, the main content of the site, the codes related to the configuration of the site, as well as the web server that manages the requests entered into the site by the visitors and the site. It exposes you to your users.

You probably already know that when you launch a website, you need a computer to run the website in order to show it to your users and actually make the website work. This computer will be on the Internet platform and you will use it to keep all the services of your site running. There are different ways to prepare this computer. You can consider a system locally and with a permanent and high-speed Internet connection in your home or office as your server, but of course you will have problems to maintain it and guarantee its Internet.

Another place where these computers exist and you can meet your needs through them are data centers. A data center can provide you with a complete system with very high resources. Obviously, when you only intend to launch a site, the fee you pay for such a service will not be reasonable. So for this, it is better to go to other things that can do this for you.

Hosting companies can provide you with services such as dedicated server and virtual server with very high facilities and a much lower price than data centers. But this cost is still high to set up a website and there is a better option. Host is the best option that is introduced in this field. The host is actually a space that is separated from a server by a virtualization and allocated to you. This virtualized space has the ability to have limited resources or its resources can be changed based on the size of your content and files.

So, we can say in general that: “Host, as the smallest service offered to you, is a simulation space of a large computer, which is responsible for maintaining your files and running your web server, and the space and The resources that will be provided to you can be fixed or dynamic. ”

In this section, we saw what hosting is and what exactly we are talking about. But it is better to talk a little about the types of tariffs that exist from hosts before examining what unlimited hosting is.

Types of tariffs

Hosts are usually available for you in different tariffs. Hosting tariffs are determined based on their type. Different types of hosts are divided into the basic categories of Linux hosts and Windows hosts based on their operating system. In a Linux host, your web server and your site files will be managed by a virtualized Linux and a Linux operating system will be responsible for them. In this case, you can use programs and platforms compatible with Linux to get better performance for this type of hosting.

As the name suggests, Windows hosting is managed by a Windows operating system. In this type of hosting, you can easily use Windows platforms such as ASP. These conditions allow you to get the best performance for Windows platforms.

Another issue that affects the types of hosting tariffs and has a great impact on the answer to the question of what unlimited hosting is, is the shared or exclusive hosting policy. When it comes to shared hosting, it means that the space given to you will be shared with a certain number of other sites, for example a hundred or two hundred sites, and everyone will use this space.

In many hosting tariffs, you see that a provider offers you very high resources at a low price. This is because this amount of resources is available to several accounts and will be shared. In fact, what happens here is that a dedicated server is divided into a number of different hosts through virtualization, and each host will be given a certain amount of space. Many of these hosts use the term unlimited for their resources, which is where the question of what unlimited hosting is begins.

Another tariff that is placed in front of shared hosting and provides you exclusive service. In this type of hosts, instead of having very high resources for a large number of accounts, you will encounter medium and some low resources that belong to one account. Of course, in general, these types of hosts are not offered with dedicated host names, and you can see them in formats such as sparsely populated hosts or cloud hosts in different service providers.

Optimized hosts are another type of hosts that offer you new tariffs and have recently become very popular. Among these hosts, we can refer to WordPress host, NodeJS host, Laravel host and other similar examples. In this type of hosts, which are usually low-population and cloud hosts, you will see a complete package of database and web server suitable for your desired platform. For example, in the WordPress host, Lightspeed web server and MySQL database are provided, and in the NodeJS host, Engine X and MongoDB are provided.

Now that we have seen what hosting is and reviewed the different types of hosting tariffs, it will be time to check what unlimited hosting is.

What is unlimited hosting?

In many tariffs and services offered by providers, the word unlimited appears, but do we really have something called unlimited when it comes to computer resources!? And what is unlimited hosting?

Many people think that when they buy unlimited hosting, they can use as many resources as they want. But if you look carefully, you will see that this same unlimited host cannot give you more space than the main resources of its server. Of course, this is in the most ideal case, and generally there are other tariffs for unlimited hosting, which we will review together.

Terms of use of unlimited hosting

Generally, when you want to buy and use a host that has unlimited RAM and CPU consumption in its tariff, the amount you can use from these resources is 10% of the total server resources. Is. In this way, if your site needs CPU consumption or more than this amount, your site will be down.

How to find out about the conditions of unlimited hosting

In the previous section, we said that you will be fully aware of how much your host allows you to use resources. But you may have overlooked it!

When you want to buy a host, a long contract will be provided to you, which in many cases you may click the confirmation tick and simply skip it. In that contract, it is fully explained to you what the maximum usage of your unlimited resources is. Usually, these resources are of very low size, such as 128 MB of RAM, and CPU up to 800 MHz, which are provided to you on a scheduled basis, and if your site’s consumption of these resources exceeds its standard. out, your site will be down.

With these interpretations, unlimited hosting is not unlimited at all. So where does this word unlimited come from!?

What is unlimited hosting really?

The word unlimited that you see in unlimited hosting is translated from the word Unmetered, which means without measurement. This term without measurement refers to the fact that you can use it up to the specified ceiling size, and this criterion will not be considered for hosting that considers a specific size for you and its guarantee is important. In fact, the word Unmetered means that this criterion is not very important and it is related to other things in the tariff and the amount that is considered for you.

Unfortunately, advertising uses have completely reversed this case and made it seem that you don’t have to worry about anything by choosing an unlimited hosting. But in fact, it is not like that at all and if you think that you need resources and you need to relax your mind from the resources, cloud hosting or optimized hosting such as WordPress hosting will be the best option for you.

It is a special point in purchases

When you want to use any hosting service with different titles such as unlimited hosting, it is better to have a query about the titles used in the tariff. You can do that by reading the purchase agreement or by reading the rules and regulations that you tick to confirm. Of course, this seems a bit time-consuming. If you don’t have the patience to do this, you will have another option to contact the support of the sales experts to ask questions about the red lines that your project has and measure their status on the tariffs.

For example, you can ask about the maximum amount of CPU provided in these services or the amount of RAM that is allocated to you. Be careful that the advertising in the field of hosting is very strong and cruel, and it is better to inquire completely about what is going to be delivered to you before any purchase.


In this article, we discussed together what limited hosting is and what exactly will be sold to you. As we have seen, the limited hosting actually shows Unmetered, which means not measured, and it shows that this criterion is not important in determining the price, and you are paying for another criterion, which some interpret as such. which is unlimited and you don’t have to worry about the lack of these resources. It is better to talk to support about this before buying any type of service provided by hosting.

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