What is a web application or web app and how does it work?

If you don’t know what a web application is? You don’t know web-based software and you can’t tell the difference between web-based software and offline software, read this article so that we can fully guide you in this regard.

What is web-based ROM or web application?

We have already discussed the meaning of the web in detail. If we want to answer the question in the simplest possible way, what is a web application? We must say that a web application is a computer program that uses web technology and the ability of browsers to perform its tasks. In fact, a web application is an application that is stored on a remote server and has the ability to run and provide services to users on the Internet with the help of browsers.

Nowadays, most of the websites we use on a daily basis have at least one web application. In fact, any part of the site that provides services to the user or performs a function for him is considered a web application. Web applications can be designed for a wide variety of uses and can be used by anyone. It is interesting to know that the dimensions and services that these softwares provide to their audience have no effect on whether they can be counted in the group of web-based softwares or not. This means that everything from a simple calculator that calculates the sum of your purchases to heavy internet games are all considered web apps.

Some web applications can only be used by a specific browser; But most of them work with any browser without problems.


What is the difference between web application and application?

To answer the question, what is the difference between software and web software? There is not much explanation. Because the most important difference between the two is that web applications need an active Internet connection to run. While the applications can also work offline after loading.

Another difference between web application and application is that applications usually run faster and a little more efficiently than web applications. Obviously, the fact that offline software is not dependent on a platform like the Internet, which may have various factors on its speed, is involved in this issue.

Another difference between web applications and applications is that applications need to be updated periodically. Whenever this message is sent to the addressee to receive the latest version of the software by connecting to the Internet; But in web applications, updating is done automatically and often away from the user’s eyes.

How does the web application work?

The first thing about web apps is that they don’t need to be downloaded to work; Because everything is done under the network and on its platform. All users can access a web application through web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Of course, some web applications have an initial version that must be installed once on the user’s device.

A web application needs a web server, application server and database to run. Web servers handle client requests. This is while the application server is responsible for completing the requested work. Finally, the database is used to store the required information.

How to build a web application

Creating web applications is not that difficult. Most of these programs are written in JavaScript, HTML5, or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Of course, these are the languages ​​with which the client side of web apps is written. On the server side of today’s web applications, languages ​​such as Python, Java and Ruby are used.

What are the advantages of web-based software?

Web applications have countless uses, and there are many potential benefits to using them. Some of the advantages of the web app are:

  • These programs allow multiple users to access the same version of a program.
  • Most web apps do not need to be installed.
  • Web applications can be made available on different platforms such as desktop, laptop or mobile.
  • These programs are accessible through multiple browsers.

Examples of web applications

There is no doubt that according to the above explanations about the concept of Web application, you can now give examples of Web applications that you have already used or that you use continuously now.

Here we also show you some examples of successful web-based software.


Starbucks has developed a PWA for the ordering system on its website that provides the user with a similar experience to its existing native app. The Starbucks web application gives its customers the ability to run offline to search the menu. They can place their orders regularly and add items to their shopping cart. These things are possible even without internet access. Most PWAs can be used without internet access, so this program is very practical and suitable for customers who may lose their internet connection during the day or in communities that do not yet have a strong internet connection.
With the launch of the new web ordering application, Starbucks has seen impressive results. The web app is actually 99.84% smaller than the existing Starbucks iOS app, which is why this web app has become very popular among its users. It has also doubled the number of web users who order every day, now the rate is Users who order from computers are almost equal to mobile users.

Housing is one of the online real estate platform in India with more than 50 million visitors. This Indian company found that slow loading has an impact on business and that even a 1 second improvement can increase conversion rates. Most of their target users access the internet using old devices with 2G or 3G networks. To better serve the visitors, the company decided to launch a fast, practical and reliable web application. This web application allows its users to continue their search even in offline mode.

Game 2048

2048 is a very simple and addictive game, which was first released as a free app for Android and IOS in 2014. The original version of the web application was made available to users on to access the game through the browser. You can also use the 2048 web application in offline mode.

Make My Trip is a web application for the Indian travel company, which accounts for 2/3 of its mobile traffic. This web application has tripled its conversion rate by reducing page load time by 38%.


This website sells knives and ships orders online from a warehouse in Bergen, Norway. Online knife store Kniveksperten shared its mobile experience with a web app platform with the aim of achieving a high level of performance, even with low speed internet. This famous web application is able to provide native qualities that are fast, reliable and accessible from any browser.


The Yamili application is a smart platform for cooking that will provide you with information about the taste of food and their nutritional value, the skill level for cooking each recipe. You can also share your experience on Yamili and if you need food, buy it and get it delivered within 1 day.


Flipboard magazine allows its users to be informed about all the places, topics and news and events they want. This platform brings together various news and stories from around the world in the form of a magazine. Users follow their favorite sources and save their favorite stories, they can also share their favorite images and videos with others.


This is the web-based music education app that revolutionized the way music is learned and practiced. Also, Soundsilk allows users to learn to read and listen to music on any device, including phones and large screens. Music teachers can use this tool to create interactive music lessons.


Uber online taxi provides car booking on low speed 2g networks. By approaching a mobile app-like user experience, this structure is perfect for users of older devices that may not be compatible with Uber’s native app. This web application has made it possible to request a quick taxi regardless of location, network speed and device.

online games

Although many games are designed to be installed and run offline on game consoles, tablets, laptops and mobile phones, nowadays most of the games for team building and group games are made in the form of web applications to work on the Internet.


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