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The TECNO SPARK 8P review

The TECNO SPARK 8P review

The TECNO SPARK 8P review

The Tecno Spark 8 is on the shelves in quick succession only 4 months after the launch of its predecessor, the Tecno Spark 7. Although it is not equipped with the bells and whistles as expected, the smartphone comes with a redefined design and some new and better specs. However, it still falls short of what the Tecno Spark 7P has to offer, and we may see an 8P variant of the Tecno Spark 8. Here is everything you need to know about the TECNO SPARK 8P review.

Affordable smartphone

Tecno prides itself on being an affordable smartphone maker from start to finish, indeed, does not make any flagship smartphones. This makes their phones quite affordable and a large part of the smartphone market not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa as a whole, as well as other countries such as the Philippines, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. While the Tecno Spark 8 is currently only sold in Nigeria, you can expect it to be sold in other regions in due course.

 What’s in the Tecno Spark 8 box?

In the box of the Tecno Spark 8 you have the usual things like a transparent case for the mobile phone, a SIM eject tool, a 10W charging block, a microUSB cable and even a headset are included in the box.

The TECNO SPARK 8P review


Moving on to the features and specs of the Tecno Spark 8, here’s a look at what you’re getting on the smartphone. One thing you need to know about the TECNO SPARK 8P review is that the Tecno Spark 8 is very much an affordable smartphone that offers the Android Go experience with a decent spec sheet, as shown below.


In view of the economy class the Tecno Spark 8 is in, the smartphone is a well-made and complete device. One thing you need to know about the TECNO SPARK 8P review is that there is the usual plastic and waterdrop notch on the smartphone reminiscent of the 2018 smartphone trend, but now consistently found on budget phones. Speaking of trends, the Spark 8 also joins the trend for large camera modules, only in this case only a small part is actually taken up by the camera.

Fingerprint sensor

Furthermore, the Tecno Spark 8 uncharacteristically has the fingerprint sensor on the unnecessarily large camera module, the color of which matches the rest of the back. One thing you need to know about the TECNO SPARK 8P review is that on the back is a high-gloss finish with the brand’s new slogan “Stop at Nothing” written a little too bold on the side, which I find a bit unnecessary.

The TECNO SPARK 8P review


In terms of display, it is quite large at 6.5 inches and only offers HD + resolution, which is a natural for a cheap smartphone. As mentioned above, there is a regular waterdrop notch to accommodate the front camera. Also, the bezels on the sides of the screen have quite distinct bezels with a small chunk at the bottom.


There is no information on what type of glass is used, but hopefully we will know more about it later. By the way, this is the same screen configuration on the Tecno Spark 7, so not much has changed in that regard.


Because the camera range hasn’t changed since the Spark 7, you can expect many of the same features and performance here. Consequently, the smartphone would offer good photos in optimal lighting conditions, but not so good in low-light conditions. In this budget category, this is one of the best camera setups you can get on a device at this price.

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