Some specifications of the Galaxy S21 FE were leaked

Galaxy S21 FE

The flagships of the Galaxy S21 series were available in three models: Standard, Plus and Ultra, and now a more affordable model with the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition is on its way, and it is said that it will be released in late 2021. In recent years, Samsung has usually released a cheaper version with the extension Fan Edition, or FE for short, after the release of its flagship S series phones, and this trend will be repeated this year.

One of the well-known mobile industry exponents, On Leaks, recently posted rendered images of the Galaxy S21FE on From what can be seen in these images, the tech version of the Galaxy S21 is not much different in appearance from the more expensive models in the series, and it is likely that the matte body will be made of a combination of glass and metal and a metallic frame.

Specifications and possible features of the Galaxy S21 FE

One of the parts of the Galaxy S21FE that has undergone minor but interesting changes is the protrusion of the rear camera. While the protrusion of the camera in the three Galaxy S21 models extended to the metal frame and was attached to it, in the FE model, it disappears before reaching the frame of the phone and integrates with the back panel of the phone.

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In addition, the Galaxy S21FE will be slightly larger than the standard Galaxy S21. The phone is 4mm taller and 3.3mm wider, but retains the same 7.9mm thickness. The Galaxy S21FE is also likely to feature a 6.4-inch flat screen and a single-lens selfie camera inside its display cavity. As for the rear camera, we expect a triple module similar to the standard Galaxy S21 model. Of course, due to the reduction in the price of this phone, there is a possibility of degrading the quality of the camera lenses.

Samsung has not yet revealed any details about the Galaxy S21 FE, but On Leaks has even estimated its price. According to the source, the Galaxy S21 FE will be priced at $ 700, and other reports indicate that it will be available in August. However, note that now all this is a rumor and speculation and we have to wait for the official unveiling of the phone.

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