The Galaxy Quantum 2 was introduced with high-end security features (part1)

The Galaxy Quantum 2

Galaxy Quantum 2 was introduced

After a lot of rumors and rumors, Samsung finally introduced the Galaxy Quantum 2 smartphone in its country, South Korea. This phone has good security features such as quantum internal encryption technology, Snapdragon 855 Plus processing chip, and the like, which we will discuss in the following.

Security features of Galaxy Quantum 2

The security features of the Galaxy Quantum 2 are the most prominent features of this phone, so let us look at them first. The Galaxy Quantum 2, just like its predecessor, features a QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) chip built by ID Qu antique. This integrated 2.5 x 2.5 mm chip is capable of generating random numbers by generating noise through an LED and receiving it with a CMOS sensor.

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Generating unpredictable and patterned random numbers makes the device much more secure and can protect user information against hackers and intruders. It would be very difficult and almost impossible to access the Galaxy Quantum 2 and access its information without physical access to the phone.

In addition, SK Telecom, which worked with Samsung to build the Galaxy Quantum 2, says the QRNG chip automatically secures services such as the Android Keystore-based payment service. Currently, the applications of several Korean banks and institutions are supported by the Galaxy Quantum 2, and their security has been improved by the production of random numbers, and in the future, more Android applications will use the security features of this phone.

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