Huawei P50 series delayed; Released with “OS Harmony 2.0”

Huawei P50

During his speech today at the TEDx conference in Shenzhen, China, Huawei’s head of consumer goods unveiled the company’s plans for mobile phones and IoT devices. Dr. Wang Changlu confirmed that many of these devices would be upgradeable to the Harmony OS 2.0 by June 2021.

The high-ranking Huawei executive predicts that by the end of this year, 300 million smartphones, tablets, and other IoT-based devices will be driven to use the Harmony OS.

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Following the remarks, a mobile industry revealer on the Huawei fan forum announced that the launch of the flagship Huawei P50 series phones has been postponed to June to be the pioneers of OS-based devices. These flagships will be available alongside the Huawei Mate Pad Pro 2 tablet, which is also supposed to be equipped with OS Harmony by default.

Dr. Wang Chang Lu, head of Huawei Consumer Goods

Previous reports have suggested that Huawei and Honor devices that currently use EMUI 11 and Magic UI 4 will be able to upgrade to OS 2.0. However, some Chinese sources claim that this is only true for devices equipped with Kierin’s internal chip, and phones that use a Snapdragon or MediaTek processor will not be eligible for the update.

Currently, the test phase of the Harmony OS on the Honor 9X is in the third phase of beta testing, and it shows that Huawei is quite serious and determined in developing its internal ecosystem. This test package is also available for the Mate 30, P40, and Mate Pad Pro, but only the Chinese version can use it.

However, there will be no global release of Harmony OS 2.0 at this time, and only when the Chinese company can successfully transition to its domestic operating system in China can it be hoped that the operating system will enter global markets.

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