Smart photo frame purchase guide

There are several factors to consider when determining which digital photo frame is best for you, whether you’re buying for the home or workplace, for yourself or as a present. Everything about these little photographic displays has improved in recent years, from the construction quality to the screen resolution. However, as digital photo frames have grown slicker, clearer, and smarter, it has become even more difficult to choose which one is the best match for your shelf or wall. Here is Smart photo frame purchase guide.

Important points to buy smart photo frames

Make a budget.

The first step in buying for a digital photo frame is to determine your budget. Basic variants, such as the Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch, start about $60 / £50 / AU$85, although bigger, better, and smarter models, such as the Aura Mason, may cost much more.

Consider where you’ll put it.

Not all frames are created equal; while selecting one for your home or business, think about how and where it will fit in.

Setup and footprint of the stand

The most popular arrangement for their digital versions, like conventional photo frames, is a framed façade with a supporting stand at the rear — however these come in a variety of layouts.

Options for wall mounting

Do you like to have your frames hung on the wall? Suspended digital photo frames alongside analogue counterparts may make for an eye-catching display, but not all frames can be wall-mounted. Some come with mounting kits, while others, like the Nix Digital Photo Frame 8-inch, have simple holes for hanging the frame from an existing screw. Consider the screen Aside from style, the screen that will actually display your images is likely the most crucial item to consider.

Dimensions, sharpness, and resolution

The screen size varies greatly, from the 8-inch Nix Digital Photo Frame to the 13-inch Nixplay Seed Wave. However, size isn’t necessarily everything: smaller frames are generally easier to arrange and, since the pixels are spread out across a smaller area, are occasionally clearer.

Viewing angles and brightness

Few new digital photo frames are dim, but some have glossy screens.

If you’re not going to set your frame across from a light source, this won’t be an issue, but in areas with a lot of windows, you’ll want to choose a frame with a matte coating on the screen – like the Nixplay Seed Wave – or enough brightness to combat any glare.

Nixplay 10.1 inch Smart Digital Photo Frame with WiFi

Send photographs and videos from your phone or through email to the nixplay smart photo frame, wherever it is a wonderful present for new parents, grandparents, newlyweds, college students, or family separated by distance

Share photographs and videos

Privately and securely share photographs and videos: Upload images to your loved ones’ Frames and encourage people to share pictures to your digital photo frame; send different photos or playlists to different frames and expand your own family sharing network control the wifi frame.

Using your smartphone

You have complete control over your frame with the nixplay app for iOS and Android. Connect to Google Photos to keep your frame up to date; Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram are also supported via the website.

PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame 8″ Digital Photo Frame

PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame 8″ Digital Photo Frame Use the free photoshare app to send photos and messages from your phone to frames in seconds. Create your own personal photo and message social network with your nearest friends and family. Multiple photos can be sent to up to 10 photoshare frames at once photos can be sent directly to the photoshare frame via email, pc, or link with facebook

Dragon Touch Classic 15 Digital Picture Frame

Dragon Touch Classic 15 Digital Picture Frame Give the Gift of Special Memories: Share your most treasured memories with the people you care about. Invite up to 20 friends or family members to share their images and videos in an instant. Our digital photo frame makes an ideal present for college students, new parents, grandparents, and newlyweds.

Full High-Definition Touchscreen:

Our 15.6-inch full HD touchscreen with a native 1920*1200 resolution provides an extremely clear and colourful representation of your finest memories. Browse through your photographs, stop your slideshow, or simply modify display settings with a single press of your finger. The built-in speaker can play back photographs, slideshows, and short films.


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