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Review: The Samsung the Sero 2021 rotating TV

Review: The Samsung the Sero 2021 rotating TV

Review: The Samsung the Sero 2021 rotating TV

The Sero has a 43-inch 4K QLED panel that can rotate. To make it easier, it stands on a stand such as an easel and leans back. It cannot be removed, it cannot be mounted on the wall, it is on the ground. The stand is dark blue, the lower half where the speakers are covered with cloth. However, you can put casters on the bottom of the stand so that you can rotate it and change its location in any room, a nod to something less conventional than a regular TV. Here is the Samsung the Sero 2021 rotating TV review.

Less optimal

At the same time, this screen is always tilted back, so the lower seats may be a little less optimal for normal television. The TV spins quite fast, but not fast enough to hit someone on the side of the head while moving. In all likelihood, you are viewing one type of content or another and not changing over and over again. That could eat up the reels of Instagram vertically before you decide to watch the latest Marvel movie, rotate the screen, and retreat to soak up the action.

4.1 speaker

The stand also includes a 4.1 speaker setup offering 60W of sound, a considerable increase over most TVs and again a nod to the type of customers who might be interested in this piece of entertainment as an Allonone package.  Thinking of it as a replacement for a wall-mounted TV might be a mistake, but when you have an empty space, you can see how versatile Sero’s choice is when you forget the idea of ​​owning a TV. TV stand with all your devices to connect it.

 Connections and functionality

The Samsung the Sero 2021 rotating TV  has a full set of connections, including a tuner and 3x HDMI, with eARC, but it is wireless connectivity that is probably used most often on this TV. That includes smartphone mirroring so you can see your phone’s screen on the TV, where the magic of a vertical screen emerges. While Android screen mirroring is fairly straightforward and we hope it will interact seamlessly with Samsung smartphones, it also supports AirPlay 2 for Apple devices, which means there are plenty of ways to transfer content from your phone to your TV.

Smart platform

When looking at The Samsung the Sero 2021 rotating TV , we didn’t get a chance to test all of these methods in a real-world context, so we can’t tell how well they work, but Samsung tells us that when you’re mirroring you can rotate your phone, to get the ratio. The use of physical connections is highly dependent on how you plan to set up your TV. With so many people streaming everything they watch, it could be because Samsung’s smart platform provides entertainment rather than a traditional antenna.

QLED display

There is only one size for The Sero and it is 43 inches, which is quite small by television standards, but it also does not consider the price to be excessive. In fact, it’s the typical price for a high-end TV with added personality that you won’t get anywhere else. At the heart of it all is a good Samsung QLED display that supports 4K and HDR resolutions to keep everything looking good.

 First Impressions

In our time with The Sero, we weren’t able to test the absolute performance of this TV, but we did get to view a wide variety of content both vertically and horizontally and listen to the 60W speakers make a great sound generating one. If you want to place the TV in one location, you can connect your Xbox or other devices as usual, but using these wheels could interfere with your Mobile TV ambitions.



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