What is Apple Air Tag ? Introducing Apple Air Tag smart tracker applications

What is Apple Air Tag? Introducing Apple Air Tag smart tracker applications

What is Apple Air Tag ? Introducing Apple Air Tag smart tracker applications

Apple Air Tag is Apple’s new tracker with which you can easily find your lost objects. Today, we take a look at Apple’s new product, the Apple Air Tag, to learn a little more about its applications and how it works.

It is very sad for all of us to lose our valuables. Keychains, wallets, purses or anything else we carry with us during the day are very likely to get lost. Of course, we are always focused on taking care of our belongings, but for the distracted people, Apple Air Tag can be a practical and useful tool. This little device was designed and built by Apple to help us track lost items. Do not doubt that the Apple Air Tag or Apple Air Tag will soon become one of the most widely used tools in everyday life and with its entry into the lives of all of us, it will become an integral part of it. Follow us in this article by introducing and reviewing the features of Apple Air Tag.

What is Apple Air Tag? Introducing Apple Air Tag smart tracker applications

What is Apple Air Tag ?

On April 20, 2021, Apple introduced and launched its new product, the Apple Air Tag. This small and delicate object, which is a kind of accessory for Apple equipment, will help us to find and find lost objects. Apple Air Tag can be easily tracked by iPhone with the help of the Find My global network. However, this connection is completely confidential and private, and the spatial data for each Air Tag is limited by end-to-end encryption, and no one but the owner of the same Air Tag will be able to track it.

The Apple Smart Tracker connects to wallets, keychains, backpacks or anything else. It then uses a Bluetooth connection to pinpoint the location of the device to which it is connected on the phone screen. Of course, this location feature is provided by the Find My app, which Apple guarantees the power and accuracy of its location. At a recent conference in the United States, Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of global marketing, reaffirmed the security of Apple Air Tags, stressing that everything that happens to track an Air Tag is based solely on the iPhone of the same owner. Airtight is done. However, it is easy to attach the Apple Tracker to all valuable devices so that they can be traced in case of loss.

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Appearance design of Apple Air Tag

Air Tag’s small and attractive circles are about the size of a coin. They are 32 mm in diameter and 8 mm high. Due to the material used in it, the Apple Air Tag is very light and each of them weighs only 8 grams. Their back surface is integrated and made of body and plastic with a sticker on it. The surface of Air Tag is made of stainless steel. The whole set is also equipped with IP67 certification, which is resistant to water and dust. The back cover can be easily opened so that the user can replace the battery when needed. There’s also a built-in speaker for the Apple Air Tag to play if needed to trigger an alarm.

What is Apple Air Tag? Introducing Apple Air Tag smart tracker applications

Apple Air Tag Specifications

Apple Air Tag is equipped with Apple’s proprietary U1 processor. Utilizing high-bandwidth technology, this chipset has tremendous power and accuracy in locating objects. However, the maximum performance of this chipset is for when you are using iPhone 11 or 12. With this state-of-the-art technology, you will have the remaining distance and the exact direction of the missing object connected to the air duct at the same time.

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There is also a CR2032 battery for the Apple Air Tag. This battery is similar to the one we use in remote controls and other handheld devices. Of course, Apple claims that the life of this battery will be about a year and it can be easily replaced and replaced after the battery runs out.

How this smart tracker works

How to connect the Apple tracker to the iPhone is similar to connecting the company’s AirPods. All you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of the devices and bring the Air Tag closer to the phone so that they can be easily connected to each other. When Air Tag connects to the phone, it will be specified as a new tab in the Items section of the Find My app. Its location is also displayed on the map by a default shape.

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