Asus VZ249H display, a world of features and beauty at 7 mm thick!

Asus VZ249H

Asus VZ249H display

Asus can be considered one of the largest manufacturers of computer components, including motherboards and graphics cards in the world. The Taiwanese company, which has always innovated its products, this time, unveiled a display called VZ249H, which is only 7 mm thick and is designed as a frameless monitor.

The Asus VZ249H has a 24-inch display with an IPS panel that offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In terms of appearance, this display can be considered one of the best, which has been a good upgrade over the MX series. A display with a 178-degree viewing angle can also be a good choice for stacking several screens side by side.

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In this series of displays, Asus has included its features that are present in high-end models to make different users fall in love with its monitors; Game Plus technology, which is present in Asus gaming monitors, also helps gamers in the VZ249H, creating a great gaming experience. Features like Quick Fit also make this model suitable for editing and web browsing.

The Taiwanese company uses Vivid Pixel technology to give natural color depth to images and ensures the best image quality with Smart Contrast Rate (ASCR) technology. There are also two 1.5-watt stereo speakers for audio playback on this display.

Asus Ultra-Low Blue Light technology also eliminates harmful blue light and ensures long-term use. In addition, using Flicker-Free technology, the image jump on this screen is minimized to prevent the viewer’s eye fatigue.

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