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LG Rollable project

LG Rollable

LG Rollable project

The Korean company LG has not been happy at all in recent years, and its handsets have performed disappointingly in terms of sales. Even with the change in the overall production strategies of the LG phone in 2020, the company has not been able to achieve much success in this area. However, it was a month ago, at CES 2021, that the company unveiled its innovative and rolling phone, drawing attention to itself, once again raising hopes for LG’s future. However, recent reports on the LG Rollable project are not at all promising.

“I can say with certainty that such a decision on the company’s future mobile products has not been finalized,” an LG spokesman recently denied, citing recent reports that the company had stopped rolling out the LG Rollable phone project.

Of course, this statement is a bit vague, and it seems that although LG has not decided to cancel the project, it has no plans to continue. The LG Rollable prototype was unveiled at CES and worked well, but there are no plans to mass-produce the phone yet.

The margins around LG have been huge in recent months, with The Elec reporting earlier this year that the company was considering exiting the mobile market. Although LG initially denied the allegations, it was later revealed that the company was in talks with a potential buyer. Of course, no final decision has been made in this case either.

Even if LG stops its phone lines, it will not be completely out of the mobile market. It was recently reported that the company is producing clamshell displays for Apple and will supply some of the old panels used in the iPhone 12 series.

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