What should we pay attention to when buying a second-hand laptop? (part1)

second-hand laptop

Buy a second-hand laptop

Buying a second-hand laptop is a good idea to reduce your costs, and in this case, you will get a device with the same quality and performance for less than the cost of a new computer. Although buying a second-hand laptop has its risks, and like buying a new car, you should consider it and take various precautions, but the lower cost makes this purchase more economical. Here are all the things you need to know about buying a second-hand laptop.

1- Check the laptop body

If you want to inspect the laptop yourself, a thorough inspection of the laptop body is essential. You need to make sure that the frame has no gaps or impact marks. Also carefully check the open screws under the laptop, loose hinges, and any other shapes in the laptop.

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Even if the laptop is performing well but its body is severely damaged, it is not clear how long this good performance will last. The laptop may have been lost to the seller or its previous user many times, or it may have been hit hard. However, you do not know what other internal damage may be seen, which shortens its lifespan. Therefore, it is best to carefully inspect the body of the laptop and be free of any defects or damage.

2- Check the condition of the screen

The next important step is to make sure the screen is working properly. Check for image bounce, color change, brightness, and bad pixels. In addition, play a video and check its viewing angle. Before buying, put it next to other laptops and compare them in terms of image display.

3- Test the keyboard and cracks on the touchpad

Keyboards and touchpads are among the most widely used parts of a computer. So make sure that both parts work properly and perfectly because all the buttons on the keyboard must be safe. Find the broken keys on the keyboard. Hold the laptop in your hand and type a few sentences with it. Are you comfortable typing with the keyboard? If you miss the keys too much, it is better to try other laptops as well.

Also, check the different parts of the touch screen. Also, test zoom, two fingers, and touch speed. If there are also right-click and left-click keys next to the touch screen, make sure they are safe. In addition, press them several times and see if they are easy to work with or not.

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