Jabra’s new Earbuds better than Airpods


Jabra’s new Earbuds better than Airpods:

There seems to be a new set of real noise-cancelling wireless headphones that are announced every week. Do not get tired of the long-awaited Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds, which was released in detail earlier this month; today, Jabra unveiled the Elite 85t, which will hit stores on November 1. The company also has a surprise for current owners of the Jabra Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t: These buds will soon add active noise cancellation with a free software update delivered via the Jabra Sound Plus app for iOS and iOS. Android.

I have not updated the Elite 85t or Elite 75t, but they have two different noise activation technology types. The Elite 85t models are semi-open earplugs, which means you don’t stick the tips into your ear. According to Jabra, the new oval tips fit more in your ear for comfort. However, some sound leaks out because you do not create a tight seal. The Jabra is in contact with the Advanced ANC 85t, designed for headphones that do not have actual noise-cancelling designs.

You can set Advanced ANC with a dual slider, take it out of full noise, cancel full hearing mode (a transparency mode that lets you hear the outside world), and more. The Elite 85t also has a wireless charging case, larger 12mm drivers for sound enhancement, and six-microphone technology – three in each ear, two on the outside, one on the inside – to improve voice calling with better sound reduction. Despite the larger drivers and “advanced” ANC technology, the Elite 85t fenders are only one larger than the Elite 75t.

The water-resistance of the IPX4 is one step lower than the IP55 Elite 75t, but the 85t ear protection is spray-resistant and sweat-resistant. (Apple’s Air Pods Pro also has IPX4 water resistance.) Battery life with turned-on noise-cancelling features is 5.5 hours, which is better than 5 hours of AirPods Pro. But some noiseless headphones increase battery life by 8 hours.
Only the left color (titanium) will be available at startup. Other colors, including gold (right), arrive in January.

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