Introducing the top 5 apps for laptop battery testing (part2)

apps for laptop battery

Introducing the top 5 apps for laptop battery testing (part2)


This program shows less information than BatteryInfoView, but it is much more complete than the built-in Windows tool to display the battery status in the toolbar! The BatteryBar adds an icon to the toolbar that pops up when a pop-up status window appears, providing valuable information such as charge percentage, capacity, charge and discharge rate, and remaining charge time.

The graphic color of the battery depends on its condition. Blue means it is charging, green means it is charging properly, yellow means it is moderate and red means it needs to charge the battery. NET Framework software. Version 2 is a prerequisite for running this program, and after installing the software, you can activate the BatteryBar through the settings of the Windows toolbar. BatteryBar can be used in Windows XP and higher and is certainly one of the best battery testing tools.

Battery Care

This software not only shows valuable information about the laptop battery and its condition but also helps you to make better use of the battery and prolong its life. This software prevents the unnecessary discharge of the charge and provides reliable analysis.

The website of this software also has complete information about the laptop battery and its conditions, which helps everyone to check the condition of the laptop battery and use it better than before. Battery care has a mechanism that automatically selects the appropriate work schedule for your device, and newer versions of the software are automatically updated. Battery Care is compatible with almost all versions of Windows and requires the .NET Framework version 2.

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