How to delete your profile picture from your Google Account? (part2)

Google Account profile

Delete Google Account profile picture in the mobile version

Before starting this process, make sure that your Google Contact software has version 3.38 or higher. If your mobile phone has an older version, update the software through the Google Play Store.

1- Open the Google Contact software and tap the avatar in the upper right corner of the image.

2- Now the list of active Google accounts is displayed on your phone. Select the account whose image you want to delete and tap the profile image to preview it.

3- Now on the screen that appears, tap the Remove button. And the end! With these 3 steps, you can easily delete the image of your Google account.

Note: The easiest way to delete a Google Account image is through Google Contacts. However, you can change your current profile picture through the About me section of your Google Account, which can be accessed from Settings -> Google -> Manage Your Google Account; But you can not delete it this way. If you do not use Google Contacts, you can perform these steps in Desktop mode via the Internet browser on your smartphone.

Permanently delete your Google profile picture

Deleting your Google profile image does not necessarily remove the image file from Google automatically. You can find all your old pictures in Albums Archive. Here are the steps you need to remove the image from the Album Archive:

1- First, open Google’s Album Archive and click on the Profile Photos folder.

2- Open one of your old profile pictures. Click on the three-dot drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the image and select Delete photo. Of course, you can download your profile photo from this path to have a copy as a copy.

3- Google will then ask you to confirm the request to do this process because the image is permanently deleted and it is not possible to recover it. Click Delete to delete the image forever.

In this way, you can delete your profile picture from your Google account with the above methods.

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