Google Pixel 5 review (part1)

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 review (part1)

A mid-range chip, contrary to market trends; powers pixel 5, Google’s latest high-end smartphone, But it brings a flagship experience to the user.

Aside from Apple and its iOS empire, Google is the only company in the vast world of smartphones that has complete control over the hardware and software of its devices. The Pixel family has always provided an enjoyable user experience and a unique photography experience thanks to the deep integration of hardware and software, but they have never been able to match the best in the market in terms of design and build quality or overall performance.

Unlike the first four generations, the fifth generation of pixels has been produced with a completely different strategy. The Pixel 5 no longer matches our definition of a flagship device; Google’s new smartphone does not have a high-end chip, clear display, or multi-10-megapixel camera, as Mountain View executives prefer to launch a mid-range device with a flagship user experience instead of competing with the best on the market. It remains to be seen whether the Pixel 5 can justify its $ 700 price tag.

Design and build quality of pixels 5

There are no products that have the best display in the world, the glitter of thousand-dollar products; but thanks to the optimal software, the powerful camera, and the appropriate dimensions bring a pleasant user experience for the user.

The Pixel 5 is the world’s first smartphone with an integrated (naturally!) Aluminum body that uses wireless charging and 5G connectivity; To achieve this goal, Google designers placed a wireless charging coil on the metal chassis of the device, connected its interface wire to the device board through holes in the chassis, and covered them with a thin layer of plastic (bio-resin in Google). The plastic layer on the body of the Pixel 5 is painted olive green (Sorta Sage) and black (Just Black), both of which are opaque.

Minimalist design, extremely compact dimensions, and lightweight make the Pixel 5 one of the most desirable phones of 2020; Dimensions 8.70 ٫ 4.144.7 mm and weighs 151 grams Pixel 5 is smaller and lighter than the Galaxy S20 and iPhone 12. The Google flagship fits snugly in the hand due to its convenient dimensions, sand-like cover, and rounded edges of the body, it does not slip in any way and conveys a pleasant feeling to the user. On the other hand, unlike the familiar glass flagships, fingerprints do not fit on the green 5-pixel version.

On the rear of the Pixel 5, only three elements stand out: the Google G logo, the fingerprint sensor, and the dual camera module, along with the LED flash and microphone aperture with a slight bulge inside the black square glass in the left corner of the device. The fingerprint sensor is on the top half of the phone, so it is easy to use without moving your hand. The performance and speed of the Pixel 5 physical sensor are excellent and stable.

The 6.0-inch pixel display with rotating corners has about 86% of the front view, and a flat Gorilla Glass 6 cover protects it. To achieve such asymmetrical design, Google designers have placed the selfie camera in small holes in the left corner and the proximity / ambient light sensor along with the second speaker in the upper half of the phone.

The volume and power keys are located on the right edge of the Pixel 5 and can be easily accessed. Google has chosen the power key in a glossy color to create an interesting contrast with the matte color of the body. In the lower half of the left edge, you can see the 5-pixel Nano-SIM port; Of course, the flagship Mountain View can also support eSIM. Finally, the bottom edge of the device has the main speaker (right port), USB 3.1 Type-C port, and call microphone (left port). I wish the Pixel 5 also had a 3.5mm headphone jack!

Google received IPX8 certification from IEC for Pixel 5; understandably, on paper, Google’s flagship can withstand dust and 1.5 meters of water pressure for 30 minutes.

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