Finland’s leading position in digital health

digital health

Finland’s leading position in digital health:

Finland ranks third globally and in the European Union in terms of production and availability of advanced health technologies. Finland currently exports the most advanced digital health technologies.
Digital health is a new and growing field in medical science that has emerged from the Internet, IT, medicine, public health and business. Digital health is the use of information and communication technology in the health sector. The use of the Internet and smartphones for discussions on prevention, treatment, and self-care is an integral part of this concept.

Finland’s pioneering role in digital and mobile phones is due to Nokia’s long history in the mobile business. Since then, the country’s strong technical knowledge in information and communication technology has penetrated almost all industry sectors. “Digital health” technology is one of the most promising and tangible areas.

In 2018, Finland ranked third in the European Union (DESI) in terms of the digital economy, including the health sector. Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands have the most advanced digital economies in the European Union, followed by Luxembourg, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Estonia. Romania, Greece and Italy have the lowest rankings. In the same year, Finland ranked first in the EU in terms of the e-health index.

EU member states rank in the eHealth index
Finland is one of the leading countries in the field of health digitalization. The government has had a national health database since the 1960s, and the penetration rate of electronic health records among the Finnish population is 100%, resulting in a unique breadth and depth of information collected in this area.

Finland is one of the world’s first countries to create a national digital database of patients referring to public and private health centers. All Finns have access to health records and the history of electronic prescriptions online.

Once you have My Health Record, your medical information can be viewed online and securely from anywhere, anytime, even if you move or relocate. You can access your medical information via a computer or any other device connected to the Internet. Whether you have seen your doctor for an examination or are in an emergency room accident and cannot speak, your doctor can access crucial medical information about you, such as allergies, medications, illnesses. If you have a medical condition, such as a blood test, this can help you get the right treatment. You do not have to be sick to take advantage of your health history. This is an easy way to record and track your medical information over time.

The technologies developed in Finland in health have a wide range, from X-ray equipment and imaging and laboratory diagnostics to dental implant technologies. It is more than an importer of health technologies, it is an exporter of these products, and high-tech products are developed not only in this country, but it is also a significant producer of these products. Therefore, Finland is the center of information and communication technology and research in advanced technologies in the field of medicine.

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