Comparison of Sony Alpha A7C and A7III (part2)


Compare capabilities

After the body and the sensor, it is the turn of the features and capabilities of these two cameras. Both products use an electronic viewfinder, with an a7C resolution of 2.36 million dots and a7III resolution of 2.359 million dots.

Note that the numbers declared for the shutter speed are for the mechanical shutter. Most cameras have a mechanical shutter, and some use an electronic shutter in addition to this type. The two cameras in question both have electronic shutters that have a completely silent function when shooting. However, this type of shutter is not very suitable for shooting moving subjects (because of the possibility of the Rolling Shutter phenomenon).

Both Sony a7C and a7III cameras have built-in interval gauges. This enables the cameras to record time-lapse videos without the need for external triggers or peripherals.

You can use SD and Memory Stick PRO Duo cards to connect the memory card to the cameras. The Sony a7III has two ports and the Sony a7C has one port for connecting memory cards, both of which support the UHS-II standard. In this way, it is possible to store data at a very high speed on these cameras, which is essential for 4K video recording or high-speed photography. Of course, one of the a7III ports only has the UHS-I standard.


Depending on how you use the camera, the communication features and connections on the cameras will vary.


There is no doubt that both Sony Alfa a7C and Sony Alfa a7III are efficient and powerful products. But which camera is better depends entirely on you and your usage.

Why choose Sony a7III?

Larger image viewfinder. The viewfinder of this camera has a higher magnification that gives you a wider viewing angle (0.78x vs. 0.59x)

Shutter faster. The mechanical shutter speed of this camera is faster than the A7c‌ (1.8000 seconds vs. 1.4000 seconds)

It has 2 ports for connecting a memory card

Why choose Sony a7C?

Rotating display. This makes the above camera very suitable for producing content and blogs

More collective dimensions. One of the important points about this camera is its compact dimensions

Less weight. In addition to the dimensions, this camera weighs less than its bigger brother

Better battery life. The battery life of this camera is 740 shots and the battery life of the Sony a7III is 610 shots per full charge.

Higher speed in data transfer. This camera uses the USB 3.2 standard and its competitor uses USB 3.1

Being newer. This product was introduced 2.5 years after the a7III and has more technologies

silver color. This is quite a taste, but the silver color of this camera is a very attractive and tempting case.

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