Collar Microphone Buying Guide

If you want to film an interview outdoors while standing in front of a green screen, you may need to think of a collar microphone. To purchase a good collar microphone, you need to review this helpful guide. At the end of this collar microphone buying guide, you will become familiar with five good collar microphones.

What is a Collar Microphone?

A collar microphone is also known as a hands-free microphone. It is a small and lightweight microphone that can be attached to the body or clothing. A collar microphone is mainly used for television, theatre, and other public speaking applications to allow hands-free operation. Collar microphones include small removable clips to clip them onto neckties, collars, etc. This kind of microphone has wired and wireless varieties to be discrete and lightweight.

Tips before buying a collar microphone

This collar microphone buying guide will inform you to check some information to purchase a good collar microphone. You must know that collar microphones have different types and prices, and you must choose the one that fits your style. Keep in mind to consider these four factors before deciding to purchase a good collar microphone.

1. Budget

Generally speaking, collar microphones are affordable. This means that you can purchase a good collar microphone without spending too much money. Choose your suitable collar microphone according to your budget.

2. Type

As we mentioned earlier in this collar microphone buying guide, there are different types of collar microphones in the market. Omnidirectional collar mics can detect sound from any direction. So that you can attach them anywhere close to your mouth. On the other hand, Cardioid collar mics, which are known as directional mics, can capture sound from the direction they are facing.

3. Connection

To purchase a good collar microphone, you must know that they come as wired or wireless. Your choice depends on your setup or the purpose of using a collar microphone. A wireless collar microphone offers you more flexibility to move around, but they are more expensive.

4. Compatibility

Before purchasing a good collar microphone, figure out what you want to record with your microphone. Collar microphones can plug directly into portable audio recorders, PCs, DSLR cameras, and smartphones.

Introducing the best collar microphones on the market

In the rest of this guide, we will introduce the best collar microphones on the market so that you can choose your suitable collar microphone.

1. Wireless Lavalier Microphone Collar Microphone Lapel Mic Compatible for iPhone/iPad

Mic Compatible for iPhone As our first suggestion, the wireless lavalier microphone can transmit full band 44.1-48 kHz stereo CD quality voice.

This product includes advanced noise reduction technology to reduce surround noise. This microphone is convenient since you only need to turn it on and plug in the receiver. This product is suitable for Youtube, Facebook Live Streaming, TikTok, Bloggers, Vloggers, and Interviewers’ video recording.

2. HUACAM Lavalier Lapel Microphone

HUACAM Lavalier Lapel Microphone If you want to purchase a good collar microphone, this product can be a good idea. This microphone reduces vocal plosives, wind, and echoes with a high-quality aluminum chip. You do not need to worry about short distances since its cord is 4.6 ft. This hands-free microphone includes a mini mic head and a strong metal clip that allows you to clip it to your shirt.

3. Wireless Lavalier Microphone EASJOY

Wireless Lavalier Microphone EASJOY This Omni-directional microphone is sensitive to picking up sound and can reduce the noise to offer you a clear and realistic sound.

Wireless Lavalier Microphone EASJOY cannot support Mac/laptop.

However, it is compatible with smartphones. This product includes a mini metal clip that allows you to clip it to your collar.


4. Chattervox w/Collar Mic

If you have decided to buy a good collar microphone, this product may be a good choice. Chattervox WCollar Mic is an affordable option for people with low-volume speech. This microphone can be considered a compact personal amplification system that will provide up to 15dB of a voice boost.

5. Wireless Clip Mic

Wireless Clip Mic To purchase a good collar microphone, you can consider this product. This microphone is compatible with most electronic devices. As a result, you can apply various Apple devices and Android devices such as PS5. Moreover, no software is required. You can consider capturing the best of your musical performance, interview, and more with the Aisizon Wireless Lavalier Mic.

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