Review of Sony Alpha a6100 body mirrorless camera

Review of Sony Alpha a6100 body mirrorless camera

Sony Alpha a6100 body

While we love expensive cameras with large sensors and the highest number of pixels, beginner cameras can meet most of our photography needs at a much lower price.

The Sony Alpha a6100 is one of the best examples of such cameras. Along with the 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and advanced real-time autofocus capability, this camera seems like a perfectly reasonable choice. Although some of the features of this camera have been removed compared to the Sony Alpha a6600 to reduce the price, many beginner to advanced photographers will not have a problem with this.

Sony has used a 24.2 megapixel sensor in this camera. The company has already used the same sensor in its A6400 and A6600 models. The resolution of this camera is also acceptable for beginner users.

Although this camera is capable of recording 4k videos with a resolution of 30 frames per second, but this is done with a little crop. Of course, 4K video recording at 25fps resolution is done using the full width of the sensor, and the 16: 9 aspect ratio fills the rear screen of the camera. This camera has a default mode called S&Q (Slow & Quick Motion Videos) that captures Full HD slow motion images at speeds up to 100fps (4x) and fast motion images (Quick Motion) at speeds up to 1fps (25x).

Review of Sony Alpha a6100 body mirrorless camera

Features of Sony Alpha A6100 camera

With the purchase of the Sony Alfa A6100, you have more possibilities than you pay. In this relatively small and compact camera, you will have an EVF viewfinder with a resolution of 1.44 million dots, a hot show as well as a pop-up flash. In addition, the camera screen is touch sensitive and you can slide it up and position it in a selfie position.

You can also take photos and share pictures wirelessly using your mobile phone or tablet. You can also easily connect the camera to the phone using NFC technology or QR code.

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Quality of construction and usability of Sony Alpha A6100 camera

  • Small and strong polycarbonate body with keys with suitable dimensions
  • High battery life with the ability to record 420 photos
  • Charging via USB
  • Animated screen with selfie capability
  • Single UHS-I SD memory card slot

We generally enjoyed working with the Sony A6100. We used relatively high-end EF 24-70mm f / 4 and EF 35mm f / 1.8 lenses on this camera, both of which are a good choice for this camera, both in terms of weight and size. Depending on the lens you choose, you can even put the Sony Alpha A6100 in your jacket pocket. This is because of how this camera is made. The body of this camera is only 67 mm wide, and unlike other cameras such as the Fujifilm X-T3, this camera is a completely flat product.

Review of Sony Alpha a6100 body mirrorless camera

Function of Sony Alpha A6100 camera

  • Autofocus with 425 phase detection points
  • Extraordinary autofocus tracking
  • Mechanical shutter at 11 frames per second
  • Evaluative photometry with 1200 points

One of the great features of the Sony Alpha A6100 is its reliable autofocus system for photography and video recording. This camera uses the same autofocus system used in the flagship A6600, which costs almost twice as much.

There are several focus modes and areas that you can choose from depending on your needs. After working with different modes, we chose the sequential autofocus mode Tracking: Expand Flexible Spot for all our photos.

This autofocus mode captures general photos (for example, family photos with a focus on one person in the center of the image) with a perfectly accurate focus. In fact, many times we forgot that this camera is a beginner camera because of the fast and accurate focus of the camera.

Sequential shooting at 11 frames per second on paper is great, but in reality high speed shooting is a bit disappointing. In our opinion, and according to the tests we performed, it is possible to take 67 consecutive photo frames only on paper. Also, buffering these images takes some time and you can not use the full function of the camera.

Review of Sony Alpha a6100 body mirrorless camera

image quality of Sony Alpha A6100 camera

  • Very good resolution 24.2 megapixels
  • ISO 100-32000 (expandable up to 51200)
  • Good 4K video and reliable sequential autofocus system
  • Vivid colors

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Sony has been using 24-megapixel sensors in its APS-C cameras for more than ten years. Even today, there are only a handful of models that have a resolution of more or less. This choice also makes perfect sense in the Sony Alpha A6100 entry-level camera.

6000×4000 pixel resolution This camera allows you to print photos in A3 size and 350ppi resolution, but by reducing the PPI you can print your own photos even in A2 size. These dimensions are certainly enough for many photographers.

The video quality is also quite acceptable. 4K videos at 25 frames per second use the full width of the sensor for recording, and with the help of intelligent and reliable sequential autofocus tracking, their quality will be significantly increased.

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