Will the iPhone fold support the stylus?

iPhone fold

Folding iPhone will support stylus pen

The first rumors about the clamshell iPhone were heard in late 2017, and since then many fans of Apple products have been waiting for the unveiling of such a smartphone. Recently, some reports have suggested that the clamshell iPhone will finally hit the market next year, but a new report from research firm Equal Ocean has made that possible for 2023.

Another interesting point is that the report claims that the clamshell iPhone will also support the stylus. It is not yet clear whether the stylus refers to the current Apple Pencil used in some iPad models, or whether Apple has designed a stylus for its flexible iPhone.

Folding iPhone

According to reports, the flexible iPhone has a screen between 7.3 and 7.6 inches, and its aspect ratio will be such that the phone is taller than normal. In fact, Apple seems to have tried to design its flexible iPhone in the form of old fold phones that take up very little space when closed. That is what Samsung did on the Galaxy Z Flip, and it just so happened to get good feedback.

Apple has not officially confirmed the work on the clamshell iPhone and prefers to secretly continue the development process of this phone. It is also claimed that the tech giant is making augmented reality glasses and a car and has been silent about them for now.

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