The most expensive brand in the world

expensive brand

The most expensive brand in the world

According to Global Finance 500, Apple surpassed Amazon and Google for the first time in five years and is the world’s most expensive brand with $ 263.4 billion.

 According to this ranking, Apple’s diversification strategy has been effective and the value of this brand increased by 87% last year. Led by CEO Tim Cook, Apple has expanded beyond the iPhone, strengthening areas such as the Apple Store, iCloud, Apple Podcast, music, TV, and arcade. The company is now planning to produce a self-driving electric car by 2024.

Five years ago, the iPhone accounted for two-thirds of Apple sales, but by 2020, it was only half of the company’s sales. “We’re seeing the company think differently once again,” said David Hai, the chief financial officer of the finance brand, referring to Apple’s growth and diversification. From Mac to iPod, to iPhone, to iPad, to Apple Watch, to shared service, to infinity and beyond.

Analysts predict that Apple’s first-quarter fiscal revenue, with strong sales of the iPhone 12, will exceed $ 100 billion. After the company’s capital market value exceeded two trillion dollars last August, analysts predict it will reach three trillion dollars in the next 12 months.

Amazon is in second place with a value of $ 254.2 billion. The 15% increase in Amazon brand value was achieved with strong online sales amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Google, which had its first revenue drop during the Coronavirus epidemic, came in third.

Meanwhile, Tesla became the top brand in terms of the fastest growth rate in the world.

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