Five unique features of iPhone X that you have never seen in any phone

iPhone X

Five unique features of iPhone X that you have never seen in any phone:

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone X or iPhone X. This phone has unique features, some of which have been implemented for the first time in the mobile industry, and we have not seen them offered on any phone before. This article will introduce five new iPhone X or iPhone X features that did not exist in any other phone back.

Among the three new iPhones introduced by Apple, the iPhone X or iPhone X has a special place because it is different from regular and previous Apple iPhones and is unique in design. But did you know that the iPhone X includes features that have never been offered in any other phone and are somehow implemented for the first time in the mobile industry? This article will name five such parts of the iPhone X or iPhone X for you.

First feature: iPhone X Face ID feature

Many companies have tried to implement various face recognition systems on smartphones, and many failed to implement this. We can almost claim that no company has yet been able to replace a fingerprint scanner on their phone with full authority, but Apple has done so by removing the Touch ID from the iPhone X or iPhone X and replacing it. Doing it with Face ID has shown that it is entirely confident in this feature’s flawless performance. In addition to this issue, another issue makes the Face ID feature of iPhone X or iPhone X unique! Apple Face ID system uses 3D scanning of the user’s face, a unique and new method. This system works so accurately not to be fooled by the photo’s position in front of it. It can also recognize the user’s face after making changes such as shaving, wearing glasses, changing the hair’s shape, and wearing a hat. So Face ID is one of the first and most exciting innovations of iPhone X or iPhone X.

A second feature: True Tone screen on iPhone X

Right Tone was a feature used for the first time on Apple iPads; with this feature, the device can measure ambient light intensity and optimize the white display’s balance and the power and other colours. In this way, the best image quality is always provided by the iPad screen. But now, for the first time, this feature is offered in iPhone X or iPhone X.

Third feature: 4K video recording at 60 frames per second with iPhone X

We can see Apple’s power in the camera design of its new iPhones and iPhone X or iPhone X! One of the iPhone X cameras’ all-new and superior features is its ability to record 4K video at 60 frames per second.
Because of this, 4K video recording will be much more accurate, smoother and better than before, especially when the object or person in the video is moving. So don’t forget, the ability to record 4k videos at 60 frames per second is another new and exclusive feature of the iPhone X or iPhone X that you have never seen in a similar phone before.

Fourth feature: Capture slow-motion images with full HD resolution and a maximum rate of 240 frames per second with the iPhone X camera

The next feature we should mention is the ability to record slow-motion videos with full HD resolution and 240 frames per second by the iPhone X or iPhone X’s primary camera!
The ability to record full HD slow-motion video at a maximum rate of 120 frames per second was achieved by the Apple iPhone 7; this frame rate has doubled to 240 frames per second. In this way, you will have a unique experience of recording slow-motion videos.
The iPhone X or iPhone X is the first smartphone to incorporate this feature.

Fifth feature: Portrait Lightning feature on iPhone X

As we said, the iPhone X camera can clearly show Apple’s power, and its features are numerous and exciting. Another new feature introduced in the iPhone X or iPhone X camera is the Portrait Lightning feature. With this feature, the user can add light effects to the image even after recording his photos and somehow change how light is radiated to the central part of the picture. So keep Portrait Lightning as one of the special features and innovations of the iPhone X

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