Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7

Automatic detection of hand wash mode in WatchOS 7

Due to the prevalence of Corona and the fact that users need to wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds to eliminate the virus, the Apple Watch on the OS 7 Watch now has an interesting functionality that uses motion sensors.  , As soon as the hand wash starts, users will see a timer on the screen that shows them the remaining 20 seconds, and if the user stops washing earlier than this amount, the watch will automatically alert him.  .

The Apple Watch also reminds the user to wash their hands when they return home.  It is interesting to know that on the Health app on the iPhone, the user can see the washing time and the number of times on different days.  This feature also uses the Apple Watch microphone to detect the user’s washing, but the sounds received in this case will not be stored in any way by the Health app or Apple Watch.

New sports activities and fitness app

The Apple Watch sports activity app is one of the most popular Apple Watch software, and now watchOS 7 has added a number of new sports activities to the software that can detect the user’s new activities using a heart rate sensor and proprietary motion algorithms.  Give.  The possibility of doing sports activities to strengthen the central muscles of the body, different types of dances, suitable activities to increase endurance and, of course, appropriate exercises to cool down the body after the activities will now be usable in this version.

A new feature added to the Apple Watch in this version is the detection of different dance styles, which by using different sensors and combining them with information received from the accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensor can accurately detect the user’s hand and foot movements.  .

Also, the Activity app that previously existed on the iPhone is now called the Fitness app, which displays complete charts of the user’s sports activities, prizes won, and workouts done during the week.  Ability to share sports activities as well as exciting competitions are other parts of this program.

Improve hearing health using WatchOS 7

The Noise app, introduced in the Watch OS 6, can detect the intensity of ambient sounds and measure their volume and how long the user is exposed to these sounds.  Now in the new Watch OS, the ability to detect the volume inside the headphones to improve hearing health has also been added to this app.  From now on, users will receive a warning if they are listening to very loud audio content on their iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch.

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