Apple watch 7 review

Apple watch 7

Apple watch 7 review:

Watch OS 7 – WatchOS 7 is the latest version of the Apple Watch operating system that was unveiled at this year’s developer conference.  In this article, we will review the latest new features of this operating system along with the release dates of its various versions and, of course, the models that support this update.

Apple executives at the WWDC 2020 conference talked a lot about the OS 7 watch, both in terms of design and technical capabilities, and at the event we saw the unveiling of attractive items that, in addition to more features for powerful personalization of the Apple Watch interface, features  These include innovations such as automatic hand washing detection, analysis and monitoring of the user’s sleep quality, and the identification of sports activities and various types of dances around the world.

New features of Apple Maps for cyclists, translation of different languages by Siri Smart Voice Assistant and of course maintaining user safety while using all these new features that we will fully introduce in the following.

Watch faces are actually the home page of the Apple Watch, and many users are often looking at this page.  You can see different information briefly on the watch face, and now in Watch OS 7 new features are provided to discover new user interfaces and share them with each other.  From tennis players, photographers and other sports activists to parents who are concerned about their children’s health or people with busy lifestyles, users can now use the new features to edit their favorite watch face.

In Watch OS 7, users can obtain watch faces made by others through the App Store or links within Internet sites and social networks, or share their watch faces that they have produced using new features with others.  Let.  A new watch face has been introduced called the Chronograph Pro, which by default has a tachymeter that can measure the user’s speed by calculating travel time over a fixed distance.  Very detailed information will also be displayed on this watch face, and users will be able to take advantage of a new large Face X watch with special customization capabilities of this bold user interface.

App developers will be able to provide users with more than one watch face for their apps.  The Glow Baby watch, for example, is able to control several important elements for parents of young infants, such as feeding time, breastfeeding periods, and bedtime.

The Dawn Patrol watch also allows surfers to get information such as wind power, water temperature and other things they need when surfing in their favorite beach waters just by looking at the Apple Watch screen.

In the new Apple Watch operating system, Apple has released new tools to monitor the improvement of the user’s sleep quality, which now allows us to use valuable tools to achieve the ideal amount of sleep, go to sleep at the right time and build a routine program before  Use sleep to achieve goals.  Utilizing an accelerometer sensor, the Apple Watch can now completely analyze the user’s sleep quality through very fine movements during sleep.  Then in the coming days the user can see the amount of useful sleep and its quality in complete charts.

According to research from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, having a regular sleep schedule helps the body prepare for sleep more easily. To support this scientific fact, the Wind Down app now allows Apple Watch and iPhone users to design a customized sleep app for themselves before going to bed, setting favorite meditation apps, soothing sound effects, and custom settings.  The Home app will also be available here.

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