Apple augmented reality glasses will also detect the user’s interest in content!

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Apple augmented reality glasses

Apple has been making augmented reality glasses (AR Glass) for some time. During this time, it has patented many inventions in the field of smart wearable. Today, in the most recent case, the Cupertino giant has filed another patent application, which points to an interesting feature that has been talked about for a long time.

The patent, entitled “Using Luminosity Changes to Determine the User’s Status,” demonstrates that Apple’s augmented reality wearable will be able to measure the user’s interest in the content being played by measuring the changes in the user’s eye! This way, if the user does not pay attention or is not interested in the displayed content, the device can change the display brightness settings or change the content automatically.

How does this technology work?

Apple states in its patent that this feature “determines a user’s state (such as attention, distraction, mental confusion, etc.) based on his physiological response (e.g., pupil response) to changes in luminosity in which part or all of the content rapidly Determines whether they are lit or dim. ”

According to Apple, this feature will work based on the condition of the user’s pupil. The company states in its patent that by using special sensors, the device will be able to detect the pupil movements of the user’s eye and check that it is wide or contracted when viewing the content.

But you may ask, what does the size of the pupil of the eye have to do with attention and inattention of the user? The answer is that when a person pursues a content with full interest and attention, the pupil responds to changes in luminosity, more slowly and less.

Apple Combined Reality Headset

In this way, Apple smart glasses will be able to use this new technology to manipulate the content of the screen and provide the best possible experience to the user. It can also analyze data and suggest users to take a short break when needed.

In case you did not know, according to a new report, in addition to the relatively inexpensive augmented reality glasses, Apple is also developing a $ 3,000 augmented reality headset with 8K dual display. Therefore, it is possible that the above patent belongs to that model, because it seems too advanced for something like augmented reality glasses. However, it remains to be seen when Apple will release more details about its new smart wearable.

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