Yahoo Q&A site is coming to an end after 16 years

yahoo Q&A site

Yahoo was once the undisputed ruler of the Internet, and from search to chat, everyone used the company’s platforms. However, as Google and other competitors came to power, the company moved away from its peak day by day and went to the brink of bankruptcy. Yahoo’s downward trend continued until 2017, when Verizon acquired it for $ 4.48 billion and began some improvements. Almost three years ago, in 2018, Yahoo Messenger ceased to exist after 20 years and went down in history. It is now reported that another popular Yahoo platform, the company’s Q&A site Yahoo Answers; will be shut down on May 4.

Yahoo Answers closure notifications are posted at the top of the site’s homepage (pictured below) and take users to a FAQ page where more details about the platform’s closing schedule are provided. In addition, it is said that after April 20, no new entries or submissions will be accepted on Yahoo Answers.

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Yahoo Answers has been around since 2005 and is one of the oldest Q&A sites on the Internet. Although the platform has had its heyday, its popularity has plummeted, this has prompted Yahoo to use Yahoo Answers resources for other activities, and services that could help it reach a wider audience.

Before Yahoo Answers became completely unavailable, Yahoo allowed its users to download their data on the platform. They can request access to their data until June 30. This data includes all user-generated content including a list of questions, queries, list of answers, answers and all images shared. Of course, Yahoo has stated that people will only be able to download their content and will not be able to access other people’s content, questions or answers.

After May 4, Yahoo Answers data will become inaccessible, but it is unclear whether Verizon, as the owner of Yahoo, intends to archive this data and use it as an online Q&A guide.

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