Windows 7 does not intend to leave the operating system market!

Windows 7

A year ago, Microsoft officially announced support for the popular Windows 7 operating system. The Redmond giants finally decided to stop supporting Windows 7 for real users after many struggles and only provide updates for use in the commercial and educational sectors. However, this operating system, which is the most popular and popular version of Windows, is still very popular and is used by millions of people around the world.

By August, Windows 7 was installed on almost a quarter of all Windows devices worldwide, according to previous reports. Now, a year after Microsoft cut support for Windows 7, new reports show that love for this version of Windows is still very high, despite some minor bugs.

According to a new report by the United States Government Digital Analytics Program, approximately 19 percent of all visitors to US-based websites use Windows 7, while 75.8 percent of users use the latest version of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 10. Another similar report from Stat Counter Global Stats shows that about 17.7% of all Windows users at the end of 2020 were still using the old Windows 7 operating system.

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Microsoft now estimates that approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide use the Windows operating system on their PCs or laptops. Therefore, by calculating the above percentages into numbers, it can be said that Windows 7 still runs on at least 100 million computer systems worldwide.

This number is very impressive and shows how successful Windows 7 has been and has been able to gain the trust of users. Of course, Microsoft has been relatively successful with its latest operating system, Windows 10, and plans to make a general overhaul this year as well. It is worth noting that despite the loss of support for Windows 7, organizations and government agencies that continue to use the operating system, have to pay a certain fee each year to receive updates in the form of ESU.

From now on, the number of Windows 7 users is expected to decrease even more rapidly, and this lovely operating system will face a similar fate to Windows XP in the near future and will almost disappear from the world of technology. Although Windows XP was once considered a popular operating system, it has very few users these days.

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