Google reduces its commission on Google Play by 50%!

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Google reduces its commission on Google Play by 50%!

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store hosts millions of apps from various developers around the world. Although the placement of apps and games on this platform is free, Google, like Apple, has a stake in the sale of digital content and app services. However, today there is good news that Google is reducing its commission on app sales by 50%. This will help developers to make more money from selling their digital content and services on the Android operating system.

Google’s move comes after Apple decided last year to reduce its commission on the App Store. According to Google, the commission and commission of the company will be only 15% of the sales of programs on Google Play from July this year, instead of 30%.

Of course, Google’s strategy is somewhat different from Apple’s. The company offers a 50 percent discount on only $ 1 million in initial corporate profits, and after a developer’s sales exceed $ 1 million, the basis for calculating the fee will be the same 30 percent.

Google predicts that with a 50% discount on commissions, 99% of developers on Google Play will increase their revenue, which could help them succeed on the Android platform.

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