Google Map makes it possible to draw missed roads and passages

Google Map

Google Map makes it possible to draw missed roads and passages

You probably have the experience that when navigating through Google Maps (Google Maps) you see a path in front of you that is not known on the map! Make no mistake, ‌ these ways do not appear from the unseen! They already existed, and Google has omitted them.

Aware of such shortcomings, the tech giant intends to solve the problem of not showing some routes and ways or at least reduce it as much as possible, by providing an update to its map service. To this end, Google will help users map it out whenever they encounter such a path. In this way, like some online encyclopedias such as Wikipedia, Google Maps will be improved over time by users to address its shortcomings.

Accordingly, the ability to map missing paths in the web version of Google Map will soon be added to, and users of this service will be able to open the hamburger menu (three lines in a row), select the Edit the map option, and Finally, by clicking on Missing Road, they can add their desired route to Google Maps. Now that this feature is not available, it is only possible to report ways for Google to add them to the map after review.

Apart from the possibility of drawing missing roads and paths, Google Map in its future update will provide the possibility of renaming roads, changing the direction of roads, and correcting or even deleting a route. Of course, Google promises that before finalizing such changes and applying them to the map, it will carefully check their accuracy and thus, ‌ the possibility of entering incorrect information by users will be minimized. New Google Map features will be available in the coming months in more than 80 countries.

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