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8 misconceptions about the phone battery that you should put aside

Despite all the advancements made in the smartphone industry, there are still many limitations in the field of phone battery. Due to this lack of significant innovation, many users still accept wrong beliefs in this field, which we will discuss in the following 8 cases.

You can keep your phone battery healthy forever

Some users believe that if they take good care of their phone’s battery, they can use it forever without any problems. The phone battery is ultimately a consumer product. This means that like a car tire that has a certain lifespan, the phone battery must be replaced after the end of its life cycle.

Although, like any other product, you can do things to increase the phone’s battery life, but these limitations also affect the experience of using the phone. In general, it is better not to be too sensitive about the phone’s battery. Although most users cannot replace their phone’s battery by themselves, the fact is that replacing a mobile battery does not cost much. Therefore, although the recommendations related to increasing the battery life are useful, it is better not to bother yourself too much and when the battery condition worsens, you can visit the repair centers to replace it.

To increase battery life, you should close all applications

Smartphone operating systems are designed so that users can use them without having to close applications. This means that the applications enter the suspended phase and return to the active state when you need them again.

On a desktop computer, if many programs are open, they put a lot of pressure on the system and RAM, but the mechanism of the Android and iOS operating systems is not like this. Of course, sometimes applications that have programming problems put pressure on the battery in the background of the system. If you have to use a particular application and you see that this application consumes a lot of battery power, then you can close this particular application completely after use. Of course, it should be said that the new versions of Android and iOS are very smart in this regard, and if an app in the background puts a lot of pressure on the battery, they automatically close it.

But for many users and most apps, such a thing is not wise at all, and even with this work, more pressure is put on the battery and the phone. Because when you close an app completely, it takes more strain on the processor to open it again. Apart from the battery issue, some users believe that filling up the phone’s RAM capacity is detrimental to it. But if the phone’s RAM capacity is full, the operating system will intelligently close one or more apps completely so that there is enough space for new apps. So you don’t have to worry about this.

Before charging the battery, you must bring it to 0%

Although lithium-ion batteries have been used for smartphones for many years, a large portion of users still believe the advice of older batteries. Some of these old batteries were made in such a way that charging half and half led to a decrease in their life.

In fact, lithium-ion batteries are designed in such a way that it is better to never be completely discharged. Of course, to calibrate the phone’s battery, it is recommended to completely drain the battery once or twice a year. Such work has nothing to do with increasing battery life, but with this work, the operating system displays the amount of remaining charge more accurately.

Do not use the phone while it is charging

The basis of this popular belief is the high loss of heat for the phone. In general, high heat damages all electronic components, and this issue is not limited to the phone. But the low heat related to charging and the extra heat introduced during, for example, surfing on Instagram, do not harm the phone. But naturally, if you are charging your phone in a hot environment and at the same time playing a heavy game, these actions will probably reduce the battery life.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not play heavy games while the phone is charging, but other than these types of games, you can use your phone while it is charging without any worries.

Chargers from other companies damage the phone

Is it better to use chargers produced by the phone manufacturer? Of course. But does using chargers produced by other companies harm your phone? In most cases, the answer to this question is negative.

In the field of mobile chargers, there are many well-known and long-standing brands such as Anker. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid very cheap chargers. Of course, smartphones use various features in this field so that even low-quality chargers do not harm the phone and battery, but it is better to buy the charger you need from famous brands.

Fast charging and wireless charging damage the phone’s battery

We have mentioned these two false beliefs in one section because the basis of both beliefs is the same. One of the long-held beliefs about phone batteries is that fast charging and wireless charging are harmful to the battery because both methods heat up the phone significantly. First of all, we must say that although both methods make the phone body significantly hot, the fact is that both methods do not create a lot of strange heat for the phone body, and therefore this belief is not true.

Overnight charging damages the phone’s battery

This is another misconception that was partially true years ago, but it no longer applies to new phones. In the past, phones weren’t very smart when it came to battery management. These phones first fully charge the battery and then after reducing the charge, this process was repeated again. Therefore, if you leave the phone connected to the charger from night to morning, this process would put a lot of pressure on the battery due to repeating it several times. But now almost all new phones are smart in this field and even if you have connected your phone to the charger for many hours, this does not put much pressure on the battery.

To increase battery life, you should disable Bluetooth and other features

Although disabling features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will increase battery life slightly, the effect of such actions is actually negligible. In the first place, the phone is designed and built to meet your needs, and therefore you should not cause yourself any trouble to use it.

That’s why if you see that you don’t have access to the charger for a few hours and the phone’s battery charge is greatly reduced, you can disable these features or activate the battery saving mode.

Finally, we must say that you can use your phone however you like. All the above recommendations can at best increase the battery life a little. If you are one of the people who use your phone for an average of 3 years, then even in the worst case, the battery life of your phone will not drop significantly. But if, for example, you have been using your phone for 4 years or even more, after identifying the battery problem, you can replace the phone battery by spending a small amount of money so that you don’t have to face any trouble to use the phone.

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